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VACCFREE:LOVE is an initiative of the non-profit organization Generation Freiheit, for the promotion of
a holistic development of man, nature and the environment. Become a member and part of “Generation Freiheit“.


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Before you register you should know the following:
Vaccfree.love is an initiative of the Swiss association Generation Freiheit (“Generation Freedom”). As a non-profit organization, the association is committed to:

  • An active co-creation of a more conscious, humane world
  • A holistic development of mankind, nature and the surrounding environment
  • A physical, mental and social well-being
  • Real meetings and connections between people
  • Holistic health of humans and animals, as well as for fertile soils (humus build-up) and a reconnection with nature
  • Projects for the development of a sustainable, decentralised, species-appropriate way of life for people and nature

For the platform the association takes over exclusively administrative and development tasks and offers these free of charge for members. The administration is done via the domain “Co-Love”, this stands for “Conscious Relationships”, in real physical life. From the platform you will get system-side emails with the sender co-love.net, so don’t be surprised about that. Co-Love is a larger initiative and vaccine-free.love is part of it.

With the registration:

  • You are contributing to shape a future for conscious people
  • You can take full advantage of all current and future applications of the platform
  • You stay informed about our funding projects
  • You become a passive member of the Swiss Association “Generation Freiheit” and support the further development of the platform.
  • You will have absolutely no obligations, and you won’t be publicly named…
  • You are invited to public events of the Association “Generation Freiheit”

The membership fees collected ensure the administration, maintenance and further development of the digital platform. Any surpluses are used to support future-oriented projects.