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Our info letter for you: Part 2

Dear member

Three days ago we sent you the first part of our infopost with tips & tricks for the platform. We hope this has been helpful in getting you off to a good start at Vaccfree:Love.

Today you get the second part with more tips & tricks.

Have you already seen that on your profile and dashboard your profile visitors are displayed, as well as the most wanted members?

Profile Visitors & Popularity

You can see your profile visitors of the last 14 days in the dashboard, as well as in your profile. The most visited users (top 10) are also displayed in the dashboard and feed.

Increase your own popularity by being active, clicking through profiles and connecting with users. Update your photos/videos regularly so that other members and guests will be aware of you in the News Feed. Comment on posts / pictures and participate in groups or discussions (forum).

Use a full membership as a booster for your popularity. As a member you connect actively and unlimitedly, you can browse all profiles and participate in discussions. This will increase your popularity with the other users.

Don’t you want to be seen as a visitor? Then you can also deactivate the option profile visitors here or go to the menu on: Profile -> My account -> Last visits. However, we do not recommend this.


Search is the heart of the platform. Here you can find the short profiles of all members and search for conscious people from all over Europe using the filter criteria and the map. Play with the functions and get familiar with them. You can’t “break” anything 😉 Press “reset” above the filter criteria to see all members again.

Want to find people near you? Simply zoom into the map or use the radius search above the map as well as the filter criteria on the left in combination with other filters.

Want to look through multiple profiles after one search? Open each of these individually in a new browser window/tab so that the list of your search results remains open and intact.

If you have a paid membership, you will see a heart symbol next to each short profile and can send the user a contact request by clicking on the heart.


Trying out Vaccfree:matching is a lot of fun. Here, our Vaccfree:algorithm calculates a score between your profile and all other profiles and lets you swipe through the best matches. Click or swipe through the profiles. Besides the score you can also sort by distance.

Do you like someone in the matching? Click directly on the heart, you will get to the profile and can send a contact request directly. The back button in the browser will take you back to the same place in the matching.

Ever try the lucky shot? Click on it and receive a daily matching surprise.

That’s enough for today! More tips & tricks in the third part of the Infopost in a few days.

For further questions and hints also see our FAQ

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